Looking East: Jackson Browne, Eagles, Ronstadt

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The Redmoor , 3187 Linwood Avenue , Cincinnati Ohio

Doors open at 6:00 pm for dinner and drinks. The music will start at 7:30 and wrap up around 9:45 with no intermission. We will be covering the greatest hits of Linda Ronstadt, Eagles and Jackson Browne. ALL TICKET SALES WILL GO TO THE THE REDMOOR! We are doing this to support a venue that has supported us for so many years. Please note that seating is limited as we will be adhering to social distancing recommendations. The number of seats per table will be limited. Space between tables will be increased. The dance floor will be used for seating. The Redmoor staff will be wearing masks. We recommend that attendees wear masks inside the building when appropriate. It is the desire of the venue and the band to offer an opportunity for those of us looking for an evening of live in-person music to have that experience again but we have to be smart and safe. We can easily cover part of our face to protect each other but still enjoy the music with our ears.